Single Motherhood & The Unseen Companion with Guest Michelle Lynn Senters | Have you ever asked, “God, where are You in all of this?” I certainly have and I bet you have too!

Listen in-Tune in! This week’s Real Victory Radio features my friend, Michelle Lynn Senters. She’s the author of “the Unseen Companion: God with the Single Mother.” This book reveals the Father-heart of God for ALL of us!

Here’s what I wrote on the last pages of my copy when I read it about a year ago:

“I’m not a single momma, but given my history, I could have wound up as one. In fact, in the pit of my ugliest sin, I almost did, but God. I was truly enthralled with the message of this book. It moved me in ways I couldn’t have predicted. Who hasn’t been scared, lonely, worried, tempted? If you can identify with even one of those I’ve listed, then this book will speak to you. Written with the single mother in mind, if you are one, you’ll be doubly blessed. Saturated with the Word of God and practical, life-giving ways to apply His truths to your life and heart, the Unseen Companion hits the target time and time again dead center on God’s truths.”

Don’t miss this episode of Real Victory Radio and don’t go another day in your journey without reading Michelle’s beautiful story. It will surely soften the blows this life brings and strengthen you to face your trials with confidence and hope.

We’ll be covering themes of knowing your identity in Christ, what it means to be seen/heard/known/loved by God, and so much more! I HAVE TWO SIGNED COPIES OF THIS BOOK to GIVEAWAY: would you listen in and then tell us in the comments what part of the interview spoke most profoundly to your heart?

About My Guest

Michelle Lynn Senters has a message for single moms— one forged in her own journey and deepened through her years of ministry to single mothers. “You are not alone.” She is the Founder and Director of SEEN, a ministry designed to demonstrate the lavish love of Christ to single mothers. Michelle is a sought-after speaker at women’s events, Bible studies, and writer’s conferences. She is the author of The Unseen Companion- God with the Single Mother. Learn more at

About Amy Elaine Martinez

Amy Elaine is an inspirational speaker, former radio show host, and gifted teacher. Her ministry is devoted to helping women with heart-shattered lives become whole again in Christ. She loves to tell the story of how Jesus made her a broken girl made whole through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Married to the love of her life, David, Amy Elaine is a mom of two boys now young men, Sidney (25) and Gabriel(22). She also has a daughter-in-love Riley and recently became "Yia Yia" to Raelynn Rose Elaine. Recently she left her beloved Colorado mountains to play on the plains of Historic Guthrie, Oklahoma. Most days you'll find her at a local coffee shop writing or ministering across the table to a friend. Her heart's desire is to see women walk in wholeness and develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Living the victorious life is one of the major themes of her ministry. She's available to speak at your next women's event. You can connect with her at:

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