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Overcoming Soul Wounds Ep 122 with Olivia Cook

Soul wounds trigger at the most inconvenient times. This year has been marked with a lot of togetherness. Many may feel overwhelmed by the closeness. While at the same time practicing social-distancing forced many into isolation. Regardless, we’ve all been triggered. But do you know why? In today’s episode, Olivia shares some wisdom about the…
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Overcoming Affliction with Olivia EP 112 RVR

Affliction & Addiction Plague Us Today In today’s episode, we’re discussing our guest, Olivia Cook’s key concept of “landing pads” where the enemy lands on old soul wounds and wreaks havoc in our lives. Along with my co-host, LaTan Roland Murphy, we hope to bring inspiring guests and conversation to you each week. Ultimately, our…
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Overcoming Addiction EP 108 Olivia Cook

EP 108 RVR Overcoming Addiction with psychotherapist, Olivia Cook. Millions of People are affected with some form of Addiction The numbers are staggering; overdoses happen at astonishing rates and many go unreported. Sadly, addiction affects every area of our lives and poses serious risks for a person’s health, wellbeing, and relationships. Addicted to what? Drugs,…
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