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The Grace Frontier with Amy Elaine
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EP#12 Storytellers: Finding Your Self Confidence in God

Today I’m sharing a vulnerable story of a time when my self confidence in Christ was shaken, due to body image insecurities. Can you relate? I pray this episode blesses you and that you learn with a teachable heart about the heart surgery God can do on your own life, too. 20 Bible Verses to…
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A Grateful Heart on Mother’s Day, Blythe Daniel

A grateful heart can be hard to come by on Mother’s Day. If this weekend has you in a mix of emotions, this piece, by my literary agent and friend, Blythe Daniel, helps point our eyes to Jesus. Christ turns the hurting heart into gratitude and brings us victory in hard places. When Christ Turns Your Heart Into Gratitude for Mother’s Day
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The Grace Frontier with Amy Elaine
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EP#7 Change Makers – Defining Sin & Grace

On today’s episode we will be diving into what it means to be a change-maker and how knowing the definitions of sin and grace helps us live a set apart live. Why do we need grace? Because sin abounds. This taboo topic is vital for understanding our self sabotaging ways so we can begin to…
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The Grace Frontier with Amy Elaine
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Welcome to The Grace Frontier!

Welcome to the The Grace Frontier podcast where you’ll learn about forging your way to freedom, faith, & self-forgiveness. Hi, I’m your host Amy Elaine Martinez. I’m a wife, mama, writer, dog mom, mother in law, grandma, former radio host and Bible teacher, just to name a few of my wonderful roles in life. This…
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sacred space be still yarn
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The Sacred Place of STILL

In a day when we are constantly being told to hustle, God says, “Be still.” He beckons us to come away with Him to the quiet place, the sacred space of STILL. Still here. Still love you. Still working. Still interceding. Still in control. Still...
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Victory Happens: A Series of Triumphant Events

Recently, I woke up fully intending to check things off of my to-do list. Excited, I jumped out of bed before the alarm. And after gobbling down some avocado toast and gulping all the coffee, I quickly sat down at my computer. Unfortunately, within moments, distraction had a choke-hold on me and defeat fell heavy…
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Living Fearless, Free, and Loud in the Now

What would you do if you were fearless? Although, we're designed for intimacy, fear often takes over stopping us just shy of experiencing all God desires for us. When we are fearless, we make room for God to show up. Living free and fearless is possible!
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brave girl
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Leaving Broken Behind: 4 Steps to Wholeness

God speaks kind words over our lives bringing the healing we need. The first brave step to becoming a broken girl made whole is to look God in the eyes and believe He loves you. No matter what you've done or what's been done to you, God adores you. Right now, before you've said you're sorry or cleaned up your mess. But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3
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Choosing God for Breakthrough
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Choosing God EP 131 Dog & Francie Part 1

Choosing each day to follow after God isn’t always easy. But this week’s guest tell us why it’s worth it. Throughout our lives, God’s love pursues and chases us. When we finally say yes to Him, everything changes. This weekend we have a beautifully intimate conversation with Francie Frane and her fiancé, Duane “Dog” Chapman(DOG the…
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No Surprise! Real Talk Kim Ep 130 Past to Power

Surprise! We’ve got Real Talk Kim on the show today! Get ready for some real talk about real life. Kim offers us some real answers for how to come back stronger when we’ve fallen down (or up… listen in to hear her story). Wow! What an incredible time we had interviewing Real Talk Kim (Pastor…
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