Overcoming Soul Wounds Ep 122 with Olivia Cook

Soul wounds trigger at the most inconvenient times. This year has been marked with a lot of togetherness. Many may feel overwhelmed by the closeness. While at the same time practicing social-distancing forced many into isolation. Regardless, we’ve all been triggered. But do you know why?

In today’s episode, Olivia shares some wisdom about the why behind our reactions. Fortunately, our responses can be tempered when we better understand what’s behind them. After a year of undue stress and a world gone mad, taming our triggers is vital to healthy relationships.

soul wounds and triggers


Overcoming with Olivia: Soul Wounds & Triggers

This is Part 3 in an ongoing series we’re calling Overcoming with Olivia. Listen into Part 1- Overcoming Addiction EP 108 and Part 2- Overcoming Affliction EP 112.

body soul spirit

Our conversation with Olivia highlights our makeup; we are made up of 3 parts:  body, soul, and spirit. Yes, we are spiritual beings, living in a body, and we possess a soul. However, our soul is where we relate. In his wisdom, God designed us that way.  Because He is the most relational being ever, he desires to be in a relationship with us. Therefore,  God sent his son, Jesus. Most importantly, the cross deals with our sin.

Life beyond the cross is where we deal with our soul wounds.

abundant life

Defining Soul Wounds & Moving Forward to Abundant Life

“The cross not only has the final word, it’s the beginning of abundant life.” ~Amy Elaine Martinez

Life is tricky even without triggers. Therefore, Olivia helps to define what soul wounds are and the why behind them. In our conversation, we cover how to overcome our triggers (those explosive little reactions we have in our relationships). This is a powerful episode; we believe it will help you move forward beyond your pain into a life of victory.

In the end, these little explosions which keep going off cause the triggers. Yet, victory is possible. What the enemy means for evil, God uses for our good. Relationships reveal in us what God wants to deal with and set us free from. This is our first stop towards freedom. Furthermore, she says we need to be courageous enough to look inside if we want to receive our healing. Ultimately, my favorite quote from today’s episode reveals this truth.

The enemy is a tool in the hand of God. ~ Olivia Cook, psychotherapist and counselor

victorious living

Interested in taking your first step toward healing and freedom?

You can connect with Olivia Cook by texting (959) 233-9958 or emailing her at livcook@hushmail.com Olivia offers Zoom sessions and phone sessions for both individuals and families. To take your first step into healing, listen in and then contact Olivia. She’s a licensed psychotherapist, with a BA in Education and MA in Psychology with over 40 years of experience.

Olivia Cook


The wisdom LaTan and I have gained from our time with Olivia is too good to keep to ourselves. That’s why we will keep inviting her back for Overcoming with Olivia. She will join us every few weeks to share her wealth of knowledge; we know you’ll love her as much as we do.

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