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Victory Girl: Entering Freely Into a Victorious Life • Treasured Ministries Podcast

Are you feeling bogged down today by the pressure to earn love through perfection? Amy Elaine is on the Treasured Ministries podcast to tell us about finding freedom from the pursuit of perfection by pursuing the heart of Father instead. The Holy Spirit allows us to walk with LOVE in the footsteps of our Savior.…
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Redemption from The Sticky Place —Guest Appearance with Carrie O’Toole

Redemption and Renewal are themes that never grow old to me. Celebrating where God has shown up in our lives is necessary to keep us from getting stuck again.
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Creating Solidarity with God in the Sacred Space of Life

Being intentional about our time with God takes discipline and requires us to steal away like Jesus did in the wilderness or surrounding hills.
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How to Shine Bright on the Darkest Days

Shining bright on the darkest days is possible. Though we're living in some awfully dark days right now, this is nothing new for God. He's been shining His light into the world since time began. The how-to of helping you shine bright on the darkest days is found right in the well-loved Christmas story in the lives of everyday people like you and me.
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Seeing the Goodness of the Lord is Possible

God’s perspective comes from a heavenly mindset, a Kingdom outlook. God only has eyes for our good. We have to have faith to see things as God sees them. Seeing the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living is possible!
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Fierce-hearted girl
Amy Elaine ElsewhereGuest Blogs & InterviewsIdentity & Overcoming Unworthiness

Fiercely His 6-day Challenge with Guest, Shannon Geurin

Guest post from Shannon Geurin of Fiercely His. I spent at least 30 minutes every morning arguing with myself about whether or not to get out of bed. Pulling myself out the of the comfort of my sheets felt like torture, and frankly, staying in bed, regardless of my responsibilities felt way more appropriate at…
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Do You Ever Feel Like You Need A Do Over? #new #time #doover
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Do You Ever Feel Like You Need a Do-Over?

Time Some days, I need a DO-OVER DAY. I need a second chance to get it right with God. I often get to the end of my day only to find myself asking, “Where did the time go?” While well-intentioned, I’ve somehow missed out on time spent with God. I let my schedule rule and…
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