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Laughing Through the Dark RVR EP 110 Chonda Pierce

Today’s show with co-hosts, LaTan Roland Murphy, Amy Elaine Martinez, and special guest, comedian Chonda Pierce was overflowing with JOY. Laughing nourishes our soul in ways only God knows. In this episode, we had a sweet time celebrating the power of rest and the restoration of joy. We talked about the grieving process, learning to…
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freedom demolishing dread
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Demolishing Dread with Mary Southerland RVR 109

At this time in our nation, dread is on the rise. Cases of depression and suicide are skyrocketing. Due to the threat of illness, loss of jobs, and isolation, most people feel overwhelmed. And, many don't know how to demolish strongholds. Yet, there are resources available. Join us for this insightful interview with Mary Southerland.
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Overcoming Addiction EP 108 Olivia Cook

EP 108 RVR Overcoming Addiction with psychotherapist, Olivia Cook. Millions of People are affected with some form of Addiction The numbers are staggering; overdoses happen at astonishing rates and many go unreported. Sadly, addiction affects every area of our lives and poses serious risks for a person’s health, wellbeing, and relationships. Addicted to what? Drugs,…
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Leading in the Marketplace
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Jen Smith Leading with Jesus RVR EP 107

Real Victory Radio EP 107 Living out of the overflow is where ministry happens in our everyday lives. We’ve all been wondering what it looks like to to do “Ministry Outside the Walls of a Church” and Jennifer Smith ‘s book is the perfect one to help us out!
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real relationships community
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Real Relationships EP 106 RVR with Blythe Daniel

Real Relationships are tricky but oh so rewarding. Let's be intentional about connecting and reconnecting with the people God brings into our lives. Join Blythe Daniel, LaTan, and Amy Elaine for some real talk and get some real answers on Real Victory Radio.
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crowned with Michael O'Brien
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Crowned: RVR EP 105 with Guest, Michael O’Brien

CROWNED with special guest Michael O’Brien is royally good! On this show, we talk about his latest project, Crown Him, released in April 2020. Married to the love of his life, Heidi, known for his 7 year tenure with Christian band Newsong, and a much-accomplished 20-year music veteran, Michael joins us for a powerful show.…
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sacrificial friendship
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Friends Worth Sacrificing For? Friendship II- RVR EP 103

Some friends are worth sacrificing for. The spiritual connection between Jonathan and David shows us what friendship really looks like. In a world where putting yourself first is the mantra of the day, the Bible tells us otherwise. Join us for some real talk and real answers about cultivating friendship in an isolated world.
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EAT PIE LOVE Tara Royer Steele EP 102 RVR

Sounds like a winning combo to me. Who doesn’t love pie? In EP 102 of RVR we’ve got Tara Royer Steele on the show. She’s the author of “Eat. Pie. Love.” She hails from the big state of Texas and also own the amazing Royer’s Pie Haven. If you’re in the area, you should make…
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chonda pierce comedian funny
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RVR So Stinkin’ Funny with Chonda Pierce EP 101

In need of something funny to make you laugh? We’ve got just the thing! You don’t want to miss our hilarious conversation with Chonda Pierce! Seriously, we had such a fun time together! Yes, we’ve got Chonda Pierce on this episode! She is “so stinkin’ funny!” And, I promise you won’t want to miss this…
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be more do less
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Discussing Depression: Ep 100 Right Prescription Dr. J Scott

Discussing Depression | In this episode, we are diving deep into the pits of depression to lift you up and out. Dr. Janine Scott tells us that just because we are a believer doesn't mean depression won't come hunting us down.
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