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The Winter Season RVR EP 123 with Amy Elaine & LaTan

Winter can feel dark, cold and lonely. But what do we do when life feels that way? How can we navigate the bone-chilling winter in our souls in The Winter Season?  It’s our New Year Show. Happy New Year 2021!!! We can hardly believe it’s EP 123 of Real Victory Radio. Join me  and my…
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triggers soul wounds
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Overcoming Soul Wounds Ep 122 with Olivia Cook

Soul wounds trigger at the most inconvenient times. This year has been marked with a lot of togetherness. Many may feel overwhelmed by the closeness. While at the same time practicing social-distancing forced many into isolation. Regardless, we’ve all been triggered. But do you know why? In today’s episode, Olivia shares some wisdom about the…
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victory stories
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Victory Stories EP 121 Rest Stop Ministries

Stories are what strengthen us to become all God desires us to be. Sharing your VICTORY STORY gives hope to the hopeless! Ultimately, when we share our stories, God gets the glory. So, we want to encourage you to share yours to bring light into the darkness whenever God leads you. Since we know that…
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A Survivor Story with Cynthia Bailey EP 120

In this week’s episode, Cynthia Bailey from Rest Stop Ministries shares her story about finding freedom. After years of being trafficked, Cynthia was able to break free from the cycle of abuse and darkness. Now, she works as a Residential Coach helping others to find the same freedom. JOIN US FOR THIS 3 PART SERIES…
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Stop Oppression EP 119 Dr. Rondy Smith

Are you ready for some hard truth? Because, that's what we‘re dishing up on today's show. Dr. Rondy M. Smith of Rest Stop Ministries joins us for what we believe is one of our most important shows to date.
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Own Your Tomorrow EP 118 Laine Lawson Craft

In today's EP 118 we've got Firecracker, Author, Speaker & TV Host, Laine Lawson Craft with us for an uplifting chat about how you can get a fresh start. Join Amy Elaine and LaTan for an inspiring look at the power of sharing your story! You can “Enjoy Today and Own Your Tomorrow!”
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Heart in Hand
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The Orphan, The Widow & Me with JT OLSON EP 117 RVR

I’m excited to introduce you to Both Hands Foundation, founder, JT Olson. He’s on the show sharing the story behind this faith-based non-profit serving orphans and widows. JT and his wife Sara have been married for over 35 years and have five children (four bio and one chosen): Jeff, Daley, Nick, Max & Grace. They…
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Day Five Art
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DAY FIVE ART EP 116 RVR with Amy Elaine & LaTan

On Day Five, the sea came to life! While I'm not a huge fan of swimming in the ocean, this girl loves the beach! Unfortunately, stepping into the shallow waters is where my comfort zone ends. I'm fine on the sandy beach; but when my toes get wet, my heart needs a huge wave of courage to engulf my fears. Our guests today had some mighty big fears to get over too! More importantly, Glenn and Heather Lamp overcame their fears and stepped into a victorious life!
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Francie Frane Dog the Bounty Hunter's Fiancee
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Dog the Bounty Hunter Francie Frane EP 115

EP 115 with Francie Frane, she’s Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s fiancée! And together, they share the most beautiful ashes to beauty story with us. After losing their spouses to cancer, both were left wondering what God had next for them. Unbelievably, God brought two strangers together in a powerful way. “Behold, I am the LORD,…
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afflicted addiction therapy
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Overcoming Affliction with Olivia EP 112 RVR

Affliction & Addiction Plague Us Today In today’s episode, we’re discussing our guest, Olivia Cook’s key concept of “landing pads” where the enemy lands on old soul wounds and wreaks havoc in our lives. Along with my co-host, LaTan Roland Murphy, we hope to bring inspiring guests and conversation to you each week. Ultimately, our…
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