Choosing each day to follow after God isn’t always easy. But this week’s guest tell us why it’s worth it. IMG 0252Throughout our lives, God’s love pursues and chases us. When we finally say yes to Him, everything changes.

This weekend we have a beautifully intimate conversation with Francie Frane and her fiancé, Duane “Dog” Chapman(DOG the Bounty Hunter) about what it’s like to break free and walk in God’s direction. Francie shares how to take the first steps away from brokenness straight into the heart of God.

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Choosing God Daily Makes Lasting Change in Your Life

Choosing God

Without a doubt, this show oozes authenticity! Saying yes to Him is a daily choice; though hard at times, it’s worth it! Today, we invite you to listen into today’s show with LaTan Roland Murphy and Amy Elaine Martinez as we talk about letting God use our past to reveal God’s power in our lives.

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PS- If you want to hear how these two met and fell in love – go listen to EP 115! Honestly, their story defines a match made in Heaven after each “walked their spouses through cancer and then Home.”

Choosing God for Breakthrough PtoP

Choosing God Brings the Breakthrough

Each week, Amy Elaine & LaTan invite you to listen in to be encouraged to GO COURAGEOUSLY & LIVE VICTORIOUSLY.

“When we’re willing to plug into the power source of Heaven, everything changes.” ~ LaTan Roland Murphy, cohost of Past to Power

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Connect with Dog at (BTW- they are working on an all-new webpage to share the exciting NEW THINGS going on in their lives and work)

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Surprise It's Real Talk Kim

Real Talk Kim says, “You may be surprised, but God’s not surprised!” click here to listen to this powerful episode. 





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