Cultivating Friendship in an Isolated World RVR EP 99

Friendship Part I RVR EP 99 on Real Victory Radio

Cultivating Friendship in an Isolated World is a whole new thing. We struggled with adult friendships in a pre-Covid world. And, now… it just got a whole lot harder.

Maintaining friendship across the miles, behind the mask, and six feet apart seems impossible. However, in this episode, we’re talking about all things Friendship! Think of Mary & Elizabeth, David & Johnathan, and making friends with total strangers too.

Tune in to hear your hosts, Amy Elaine and LaTan talk about how you can learn the art of cultivating friendship. You know, the spiritual connection between friends can be life-saver when we feel all alone.

Friend, you are not alone.


Really, if there is one thing we want you to know, it’s how to stay connected to God and people. We’d love for you to grab a cup o’ Joe and sit a spell with us today. Like friends hanging out in the kitchen… I mean, that’s where the food is, right?

Gather around and listen into today’s Real Victory Radio EP 99- Friendship Part 1

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