Stripping Away The Lies That Derail Your Destiny with Guest Kristin Bonin | Do you start your day wishing you had more to offer and wondering if you’re getting it right? The lies we believe determine the life we live, according to this week’s guest, author/speaker Kristin Bonin.

1548170117412 0620960336 71595146 v1.jpg All too often we carry lies around with us, not even knowing they are there but they steer the direction of our heart. Masked as emotions, the pain of the past, or the fear of the future, our experiences speak to us. Join us as we chat in the studio about spiritual warfare and Kristin’s book, “BARE NAKED TRUTHS: Stripping Away The Lies That Derail Your Destiny.”

Kristin Bonin is a Freedom-fighter, Truth-teller, and Bible teacher who has a heart of gold. Listen in and learn how you can live the victorious life!

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About My Guest

1548169872168 0770445336 71595146 v1.jpgKristin Bonin is an author, speaker, ordained minister and Bible Teacher. Leaning into her love of scripture and core value of honesty, her heart is to point women toward their true identity. She writes and speaks using her challenges, struggles and lessons the Lord is teaching her along the way. She is an on-the-go mom of two very active girls and dog-mom to a 140 pound English Bull Mastiff and a very smart Australian Shepherd. Her husband, Chris is a business owner, pun master and avid runner. They live just outside of Houston, Texas which provides well for her love of shopping, sushi and coffee. Read more at and connect with her on social media.

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