Fiercely His 6-day Challenge with Guest, Shannon Geurin

Guest post from Shannon Geurin of Fiercely His.

I spent at least 30 minutes every morning arguing with myself about whether or not to get out of bed. Pulling myself out the of the comfort of my sheets felt like torture, and frankly, staying in bed, regardless of my responsibilities felt way more appropriate at the time. 

The truth is I hated getting ready. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. Having uneven eye shadow and blush felt way more comfortable than having to actually look at my reflection in the mirror.

Because of mistakes I had made I felt unworthy, unclean and unwanted. And looking at myself in the mirror caused all of those feelings to rush to the forefront of my mind when all I wanted was for them to go away.

The momma that kissed my girls’ boo-boos and wiped away their warm salty tears had fallen so hard that nothing could heal. The wife that vowed to be faithful to her husband forever was now marked with a scarlet stain. 

I had no idea who I was as a woman, much less mother or wife. Who was I? What had I become? I felt completely stripped of my identity and started to believe the lies the enemy was throwing at me. 

Maybe you can relate.
Maybe you feel you’re not good enough, forgivable, still loved by God.
Maybe you wonder if you’re beyond repair.
Maybe you fear that what someone did to you stole your value and identity. 

Maybe you wonder if you’re good enough to be a wife, mom, employee, volunteer, sister, daughter, friend, woman.

So many questions. Is this it? Is this all my life is now? Is it my lot in life to just live each day in punishment of my past?

I don’t know your story, but we share a common theme. We are driven by the search for true identity, a desire to be understood and appreciated for who we are. We have an innate longing to seek out something more. The problem is, we look in the wrong places. 

Our something more isn’t in being a Mother.
Our something more isn’t in being a Wife.

Our something more isn’t in being an employee.

Our something more isn’t in being a (fill in the blank). 

 “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life’”(John 8:12 NIV).


Jesus knew who He was. 

“I am the light of the world,”

Did you know that at least 18 times in the Bible, Jesus said, “I am..?”

I am the bread of life..

I am the way… 

I am the truth..

I am the resurrection…

There was no question, Jesus certainly knew who he was. But more than that, he knew WHOSE he was. When others tried to tell Him who he was not, he ignored them. They tried to beat and kill His identity out of Him. Thank God he knew who and whose He was!

You see, when we’re unsure of our identity we feel pressured to fit into other people’s molds. And even though they may not be intentional, they will manipulate you, trying to make you into someone they think you ought to be, rather than who God made you to be.

It’s stressful trying to be someone that you’re not. 


“The only way you can counterbalance outside external pressures is to have an internal sense of satisfaction about who you are and who God made you to be. You discover who you are by knowing whose you are.” -Rick Warren

Remember Whose You Are

When I learned WHOSE I was, I found my true identity. It was only then that I knew who I was. But there’s more.

How much better would our lives be if we actually lived out whose we are? 

“But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.” John 1:12 (NLT)

You’re His, friend. And as His beloved daughter, you need to know that your identity is not found in what you do, what role you play, or even your outward appearance. Why? Because these things shift, they change, and they fade away. Your core identity is found in Christ, which is steady, secure, and eternal. (2 Corinthians 1:21-22).

I mean think about it: how much better would our lives be if we confidently knew the truth that we are His? Would it change the way we mother? Would it change the way we wife? The way we work? The way we volunteer? The way we (fill in the blank)?

I think YES. When we walk in the truth that we’re His, everything changes. And when we stop at nothing to pursue that truth, we become bold, courageous, fierce.


And this is where the Fiercely His Challenge comes in.

The 6 Day Fiercely His Challenge will help you:

  • Discover that it’s not really about who you are, but WHOSE you are.
  • Stop believing what the enemy says about you, and start believing the truth about God’s word
  • Gain a new perspective on navigating being a mom, wife, and woman.
  • Learn how being real with God breeds healing, growth, and connection
  • Recognize the enemy’s schemes before he pounces and learn to fight back with truth.
  • Get rid of what is holding you back and start living with the fullness of life that Christ offers.

Not only that, sign up today and you’ll receive a beautiful Fiercely His Fighter Journal that accompanies the challenge. 

NOTE: when you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome note plus the journal immediately. The challenge will start on July 29.

Sign up for the challenge here

Shannon’s BIO

Shannon is a writer and speaker who thrives at being authentic.  She loves big and fierce, and at the top of that love list is Jesus, her husband John and her two daughters, Alex and Averee. She’s a woman who has been rescued and restored and knows how to fight for her marriage and family. Shannon empowers women to rise up through their circumstances in order to their God-given calling. When she’s not writing, you can typically find her watching movie trailers, reading the latest mystery/drama bestseller, or simply sipping on coffee from a chipped mug. Although a book is in her future, you can currently read her blog and her story at

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