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We’ve all been there. Losing our patience with the ones we love the most. Showing our ugliest sides when all we wanted to do was be sweet and kind. But, there was something that we just couldn’t keep quiet about. There was that one thing that put us one the edge. Raise your hand if you can identify…even just a little. We all wish we had more of it. Unfortunately, gentleness and self-control are hard to hang onto in the heat of the moment.

Am I right?

Gentleness Self Control EP 97 RVR by Real Victory Radio

Gentleness and Confidence

She’s one cool cat. Look at her. She looks like she’s got it all under control. Bets are, she doesn’t. Gentleness and Self-Control don’t seem like they go together, but in God’s economy they do. Keeping our calm, responding instead of reacting, and an overall sense of tranquility in the moment won’t come easy. But, it is possible. Because with God, the impossible becomes doable.

Gentleness is a SuperPower

The Holy Spirit living inside of us gives us super powers we never knew we possessed. When your inner mean-girl is rearing her ugly head, you’re stronger than you know. Yes, it takes practice, but what good thing doesn’t?

We are tackling a difficult subject today, but there is hope! As believers, we really do have everything living inside of us to overcome the worst scenarios with grace and gentleness. Controlling our temper can be our superpower when we surrender to God’s way instead of ours.

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