How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart with Guest Niki Hardy

“Life isn’t all pie in the sky when you die; it’s cake on your plate while you wait!” -Niki Hardy ?

Wise words from my special guest, Niki Hardy on today’s episode of Real Victory Radio. You’ll love listening to Niki’s AHmazing British ?? accent and the insight she gives about “how to live well when life falls apart.” She’s got a lot to say about this topic… In fact, she’s written a whole book on it: “Breathe Again: How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart”.

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About Our Guest

Niki is a Brit in the USA, a rectal (yes, rectal) cancer survivor, pastor’s wife, tea drinker and teller of bad jokes. As a speaker and the author of Breathe Again: How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart (Revell Aug, 2019) she’s all about meeting us when life’s not fair and embracing the reality that with God, life doesn’t have to be pain-free to be full.

If life’s sideswiped you or it’s unravelled slowly over time and you’ve found yourself living a life you never thought or imagine DOWNLOAD NIKI’S FREE AUDIO: How to Handle Anything Life Throws at You at

Niki and her hubby Al live in Charlotte, NC where they pastor CityChurch Charlotte. They have three kids they are trying to launch into the world and when Niki’s not running trails with her two lovely but rather stupid golden-doodles, you can find her with a nice cup of tea trying to figure out which remote actually turns the TV on!

Niki would love to meet you but will settle for a cyber hug! Find her on social media at @niki.hardy and on her website

About Amy Elaine Martinez

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