Spiritually Fit RVR EP 104 with Guest, Andrea Tomassi

Join us for a spiritual workout with our special guest and author, Andrea Tomassi. Amazingly, Andrea’s BARR METHOD teaches how to navigate life, strengthen our resolve, and get spiritually fit for life. Listen in to hear how you can walk boldly, live victoriously, and go courageously with your hosts, Amy Elaine and LaTan.

Getting spiritually fit and working out is hard to do.

Not surprisingly, most of us have a hard time getting started. We all need some encouragement in this area. Today, our guest brings it!

Spiritually Fit Barr Method

How can we get spiritually fit and strengthen our faith?

In this episode, our guest shares exactly what we need to navigate life.

Ultimately, Andrea’s BARR method teaches:

  1. to boldly face conflict
  2. regain your composure
  3. and renew your strength for whatever battle you’re facing.

Special Guest, Author, Andrea Tomassi


Andrea Tomassi

Andrea Tomassi, or (Andi), is the founder of Transcended Ministries and co-producer of the Live Bold Series, encouraging women to rise above their circumstances and to believe in who God says they are.


Andrea co-author of LIVE BOLD: A Devotional Journal to Strengthen Your SoulLive Bold is a 52-week devotional inviting the reader to step out of their comfort zone by engaging in monthly themes to strengthen their soul. Remarkably, Live Bold won the prestigious Selah Award in the Devotional category in 2019

Andi lives in Northern California. She is the mom of three adult children and “Mimi” to three grandchildren.

Recently, Andrea began a a new chapter of her life as the Director of Acquisitions for Redemption Press.

She feels closest to God at the beach or on her property as she writes and shares her story with her heart wide-open through the online community, LIVE BOLD SERIES.

no hurt wasted andrea tomassi

Without a doubt, Andrea brought encouragement to us all with her bold faith. Also, this show gives insight for living an authentic life of victory. Visit Andrea’s website to learn more about her ministry and writing. ( andreatomassi.com and livingbold.org )

Transformation awaits

Want to know more?

We grabbed our copy of the award-winning, LIVE BOLD: A Devotional Journal to Strengthen Your Soul. The book sells at all major bookstores and Redemption Press too. Written with her cousin, Cynthia Cavanaugh, this devotional helps you develop confidence in your faith.


Finally, Real Victory Radio, a listener supported radio outreach program of Amy Elaine Ministries exists to inspire listeners to live victoriously.

The show livestreams on 947FMTHEWORD.com. For more details visit, please check out our website to learn more about becoming a partner. Join The Victory Movement to help us inspire others to live a victorious life!

Honestly, we can’t do this without support from our listeners and friends.

In the end, the aim is to help you stay Spiritually Fit with everything I do in my ministry.

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