Yes, the battle is on and now, it’s time to learn how to win. Beautiful Warrior: Finding Victory and Overcoming the Lies Against You is the perfect tool for your success! Tina’s words prepare us for greater victory.

In this episode, Tina Yeager encourages us to break free from the insecurities of a lifetime.

Tina Yeager Beautiful Warrior

Whether it’s “toxic traps of shame” or unresolved anger, we’ve all been there and want to find a way to overcome. With years of experience as a counselor and life-coach, Tina helps us to better understand the cycles of negative thought patterns. Ultimately, Beautiful Warrior arms you with better self-esteem. You’ll learn to embrace your God-given identity and destiny.

Pick up your shield, grab your sword (the Word of God)! Tina is ready to help you begin your journey as a Beautiful Warrior.

Beautiful Warrior Montage


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Are you in need of a more powerful prayer life?

The Prayer that changes everything

Honestly, I needed a breakthrough for quite some time. There was an area of my life that I couldn’t change on my own. Then, I found The Prayer that Changes Everything. Indeed, the heart behind our prayers is capable of bringing our breakthrough. And, some mighty big changes come with it. When we turn our prayers of “give me, give me, give me” to “You can take it all, God,” something miraculous happens. In the end, this one shift sets off a landslide of possibility that truly changes everything.

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