Welcome to the The Grace Frontier podcast where you’ll learn about forging your way to freedom, faith, & self-forgiveness. Hi, I’m your host Amy Elaine Martinez. I’m a wife, mama, writer, dog mom, mother in law, grandma, former radio host and Bible teacher, just to name a few of my wonderful roles in life.

This podcast is for the woman who thinks she cannot change.

It’s for the mother who feels lost and doesn’t know where to turn.

It’s for the daughter who longs to walk confidently and find the grace to finally forgive herself.

It’s for the girl who has tried it all, given up a thousand times and wrestles with what she’s done and who she’s become.

Do any of those statements resonate with your heart? Then you’re in the right place, sweet friend.

If you’ve ever searched “how can I ever forgive myself” on the internet, take a listen to The Grace Frontier.

I love to connect with women and inspire them to walk in wholeness and live in victory, the life that God intends for all His precious daughters (and sons).

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and onto The Grace Frontier.

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