Worthy: Celebrating Women with Guest Eric Schumacher

“Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women” by Eric Schumacher and Elyse Fitzpatrick is what we’re talking about on today’s show! Wondering what the Bible says about women? Indeed, the topic of women in the church is highly debated. And this book is an absolute must read!

In fact, this book is needed because it helps define Kingdom principles and celebrates the value of women! The church needs to be talking more about this because it’s been on the heart of God since time began!

Worthy Book

From Genesis to Revelation we find women are worthy and celebrated!

We’ve got author, Eric Schumacher on the show to share with us a man’s perspective of this hot topic. Interestingly, he’s answering some tough questions the church is asking today.  Where do women fit into the bigger picture of the Church? Did Jesus find women to be worthy?

Listen in and find out the answers to these thought-provoking questions.

Meet Eric Schumacher, co-author of Worthy

Eric is a  husband, father of five, pastor, and proud Iowa-native.

His first book is Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women, co-authored with Elyse Fitzpatrick.

Connect with Eric on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, and Amazon.


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