You’re Not Lost: Find Your 1st Step Back to God Today

“Girl, you’re not lost.” It only takes one step toward God to find He’s already there. Isn’t that the best news ever? And, to prove it, I have the sweetest story to share with you today. God showed up for me in the kindest way. He gave me the grace I needed for the moment and helped me feel found by Him again in a deep season of loss.

Girl you're not lost


Recently, I exchanged messages with a writer friend on Instagram…it had been a while since we’d chatted. Through a series of unexpected twists and turns in our conversation, I was reminded of my Real Victory Radio show and the interview I did with this friend, Tara Royer Steele, author of EAT PIE LOVE. (grab her book, filled with recipes and beautiful illustrations by Tara)


In hopes of reminding her of how we first met, I sent her the link and as God would have it…I was the one who listened to it for good times sake while I curled my hair that morning.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. I think I’ve felt lost because of the recent loss of my mom. But God ever so gently reminded me that I’m not actually lost because He knows exactly where I am at all times. He planned out my path before I ever walk it out. Isn’t that reassuring?

You see, we’re not lost because God has drawn the boundary lines for us. Psalm 16 tells us of His loving care over our lives. God knows where we are and we’ve been given a beautiful inheritance: all the days of our lives are known by God, Himself.

boundary lines psalm 16


Not once has God thought, “Now, I don’t know where in the world that girl is…” or “I can’t seem to find that girl.” Because, His eye is on the sparrow and His loving eye is on us. He’s always at the ready to reveal Himself to you. When we call, He answers. (Matthew 6:25-27, Psalm 91:15). What I discovered as I listened to the interview playback that day was that indeed, I wasn’t lost. Yes, there had been a major loss in my life, but loss doesn’t equate to being lost.

Not lost with God


You see, Tara and I have both lost our moms since that interview back in 2020 and the story she shared clearly revealed God’s direction. He knew exactly what she’d need in her steps ahead and graciously provided it because He had already been there. In fact, grace had paved the way before her in the means of a relationship restored with her father. God knew what was around the bend for her.

Then, He gently reminded me that He knew where I was headed too. He would provide for my every need—and one day, I’d look back and see the goodness of God in a life surrendered to His way. I don’t have to fret about not knowing which way to go today or what to do next when I let Him take the lead—trusting Him wholeheartedly. The same is true for you., sweet friend.


I don’t know where you’re at today, but God does. Grace paved the way long before you found yourself on this particular path. God was and is already waiting there for you. When we seek Him with our whole hearts, He will be found. If you feel lost today, I get you. Here’s a little tidbit that God gave me that helped me find my way back. It’s from Jeremiah 29:13; this is the best way to finding your way back to God.

You're not lost

Finding Your FIRST STEP Back to God TODAY
Try praying this prayer to being one step closer to finding your way back to God today:

“God, I can’t seem to find my way back to You, but I believe you know where I am and how I got here. I feel lost, yet I’m choosing to believe You have me exactly where You want me so that I can find You once again. You are for me, not against me. I cry out to You today for a breakthrough, a rescue, and a much needed deliverance from all the detours and doubts blocking my way. I know You’ve been chasing me down and I’m ready to let You catch me today. Please give me the courage I need to take this one step closer to You. Amen.”


Grace paves the way. God is there waiting for you.


Y’all, I can hear Holy Spirit whispering this truth to get it through my hard little noggin: “Again, sweet girl, you’re not lost…you’re exactly where I want you to be…I will always show up in the most unexpected places, at just the right time…eyes on Me, sweet girl…eyes on Me.” Close your eyes and imagine God speaking those words to your heart right now. Let them sink in.


God is in the details…maybe you needed to hear this message too. Raise your hand and leave a comment if this encouraged your heart today! Maybe it was just for me…but I don’t think so.


Here’s a link to the podcast of the radio interview so you can hear it for yourself. Tara’s publicist set up our interview and I can remember being nervous about our interview; it was one of the first times my cohost LaTan Roland Murphy and I had had a third person on the line. Of course we talked over each other and that’s where the good stuff lies. I loved LaTan’s insight into the slice of pie we need each day in this life. And, Tara did too.

I hope you’ll be encouraged by how God showed up for me three years and a lot of grief later through the stories we shared that day back in 2020. It’s nothing short of His perfect love in action in the here and now. This experience of seeing God’s hands in the details of my own life helped me to take a giant leap of faith. I found myself feeling one step closer to God, not so lost anymore. Finding our way back to God feels hard especially in times of grief and difficulty, but it’s easier than we think.

When you look for me, you will find me. When you wholeheartedly seek me, I will let you find me, declares the Lord. Jeremiah 29:13-14a GW

EAT PIE LOVE Tara Royer Steele EP 102 RVR


It’s good to be writing again. I’m so glad you’re here (and not lost…)

The Grace Frontier Podcast will be beginning again soon. I hope you’ll take a look around the newly designed website (start here), listen into some of the past episodes, or share this with a friend. It’s been two and half months since my sweet mama got to meet Jesus face-to-face. And, I’m almost ready to get back into the swing of things and I can’t wait to chat it up with you on TGF.


Amy Elaine Martinez

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  1. Cindy Rice on August 18, 2023 at 7:48 am

    Amy!!! This is just what i needed!!! Anna & i have prayed for you many times since the loss of your mom❤️ i have my house up for sale ((Anna married 6/24 & lives in Crescent now), so, my sis & b-i-l have asked me to join their ministry (which will involve many trips overseas) & we leave for Switzerland & Croatia 8/25. I will be back in Edmond 9/12. I would appreciate your prayers.
    I love the new website & all that God is doing through & for you! You are an amazing woman of God❤️🫶🏼

    • Amy Elaine on August 18, 2023 at 10:44 am

      Cindy- I am so excited for your trip and praying over you. I’d love to grab coffee with you and maybe Anna before you move…if you are able.. I get it if not…I’m sure you’ll be back often since Anna is here. Can’t wait to here of your mission trips…I’ve heard Croatia is absolutely beautiful. Many blessings over all your endeavors and of course, Anna’s newest adventure!!!!!

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