Fire Keeper Amy Grant
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Fire Keepers Amy Grant EP 133 Past to Power

Fire Keepers tend the fire at Amy Grant’s ranch and there’s a lot to learn about life on the farm in this episode. Join Amy Elaine and LaTan as we chat with Amy Grant about the art of tending the fire in our own lives. Are your Tending the Fire? Ask yourself: What areas of my…
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Your Past is Power
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Living Unbroken After Divorce | Tracie Miles EP 129 Past to Power

Honestly, life after divorce hurts, doesn’t it? We know divorce is never easy. Today, on Past to Power with Amy Elaine & LaTan we’re talking to Tracie Miles of Proverbs 31 Ministries. Tracie’s new book is Living Unbroken: Reclaiming Your Heart and Your Life after Divorce. Tracie Miles shares her Past to Power Story Tracie…
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Celebrate launch
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Launch Past to Power Podcast EP 127 Amy Elaine & LaTan

We are launching something new! Join Amy Elaine & LaTan as they have a heart to heart about the show’s new name, Past to Power (formerly Real Victory Radio). We may have a new look and new name, but our hope remains the same. As we launch into this new season, God is on the…
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Confidence Girl
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Self Confidence 101: A One Year Post Surgery Confession

Self Confidence 101 doesn't start with you. It never has. Here's 20 Scriptures to help you find the confidence you need to share your story. Within the last year, I have been sharing about my explant journey. Since then, many women have reached out to me to learn more. I honestly didn't know if I had what I need to muster up enough confidence to make this big change. At just the right time, I was gently reminded that indeed, I did! Today, I'm sharing my one year post explant surgery story to remind you of how brave you are too!
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Unity Humility Liberty Amy Elaine
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Unity in the Essentials, Liberty for All: Moving Forward

Unity has been the cry of many recently. Yet, more than unity, God calls us to obedience. Taking God’s Word to heart means the whole and not just the parts we deem worthy of a shout out. My pastor of twenty years used to say, “Unity in the Essentials and Liberty in the Non-Essentials.” Today,…
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We the Kingdom Franni
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Franni Rae We The Kingdom EP 114

We’ve got Franni Rae of We The Kingdom in the house! In this episode, LaTan and Amy Elaine talk with Franni about music, messy faith, and marriage… and so much more. Listen in as we talk about the story behind We The Kingdom’s new song, “Holy Water.” Congratulations to We The Kingdom for being named…
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TIna Yeager Beautiful Warrior
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Tina Yeager Beautiful Warrior EP 113 RVR

Yes, the battle is on and now, it’s time to learn how to win. Beautiful Warrior: Finding Victory and Overcoming the Lies Against You is the perfect tool for your success! Tina’s words prepare us for greater victory. In this episode, Tina Yeager encourages us to break free from the insecurities of a lifetime. Whether it’s…
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prayer changes things
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The Prayer That Changes Everything

The Prayer that Changes Everything: the heart behind our prayers is capable of bringing our breakthrough and some mighty big changes with it. When we turn our prayers of “give me, give me, give me” to “You can take it all, God,” something miraculous happens. This one shift sets off a landslide of possibility that truly changes everything.
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