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Cultivating a Powerful Prayer Life in Ephesians

Cultivating a powerful prayer life begins in Ephesians. Our boundless prayers can know no bounds when we pray with the power of God behind us. We have access to God's throne of grace.
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Peaceful, Go Where The Peace Is EP 111 RVR

Peaceful: Full of Peace Peaceful Living seems like a thing of the past. I know you want it. And, so do I. Thankfully, I know where we can get filled up with the peace we need. God tells us exactly where to find the peaceful respite we need; it’s in his Presence. Yes, Jesus is…
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Spiritually Fit RVR EP 104 with Guest, Andrea Tomassi

 Join us for a spiritual workout with our special guest and author, Andrea Tomassi. Amazingly, Andrea’s BARR METHOD teaches how to navigate life, strengthen our resolve, and get spiritually fit for life. Listen in to hear how you can walk boldly, live victoriously, and go courageously with your hosts, Amy Elaine and LaTan. Getting…
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How to Overcome a ‘Vulnerability Hangover’ with the Truth

Truly, vulnerability hangovers can be traumatic. Perhaps, you’ve never experienced one, but I doubt it. Nevertheless, the morning after is always the worst. Like a sucker-punch to the stomach, vulnerability hits hard when we’ve shared the ugliest parts of our stories. Surely, you’ve had this happen at least once. Believe me, I have on many…
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Faithfulness- Fruitful Living Series EP 96 RVR

What does faithfulness mean to you? Is it being loyal or just being consistent? God says a lot about being faithful. Today,  we dig into the deeper things of living a faith-filled life amid a faithless world. Join in with Amy Elaine and LaTan while we chat it up. Yes, we’re continuing our Fruitful Living…
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I Am David Book Review & Reaching New Levels of Victory

Amy Elaine's book review of I Am David by author and pastor, Jimmy Evans of Gateway Church. Want to reach new levels of victory in your life? Learn how to walk in greatness and live in victory!
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Traveling light is one of the Bible's best-kept secrets. Learning to live in the overflow is the key. Discover more about how to travel and live light! #travel #travellight #hope
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Traveling Light, the Secret to Living in the Overflow

Traveling light holds one of the Bible's best kept secrets. Learning to live in the overflow is the key. Yet, how can we? The overflow overcomes our overwhelm and set us up for victorious living.
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Most Powerful Purpose in Life
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How to Find the Most Powerful Purpose in Your Life

Still searching? You won't have to look far to find the most powerful purpose in your life. Because it's already living inside of you. However, many are still asking, "How do I find the most powerful purpose in my life?"
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