The Winter Season RVR EP 123 with Amy Elaine & LaTan

Winter can feel dark, cold and lonely. But what do we do when life feels that way? How can we navigate the bone-chilling winter in our souls in The Winter Season? 

It’s our New Year Show. Happy New Year 2021!!!

We can hardly believe it’s EP 123 of Real Victory Radio. Join me  and my co-host, Latan Roland Murphy for today’s show if you’re in need of the warmth of hope deep dow in your soul. This week, we are sharing our hearts with you.

Last year was certainly a year of calamity. And, I think we can all agree we’re glad it’s over. But for many, the residual effects have left us reeling from it all. Some are filled with grief over loss, financial ruin and the death of loved ones.

The Winter Season RVR

The cold, the lonely, the hard… it’s all part out The Winter Season.

In this episode we’re talking about the beauty of the EVERGREEN in our lives. Most importantly, God is our constant. Thankfully, His mercies never fail. Grab your Bible and let’s head over to Hosea 14:7-9.

“O Ephraim! Stay away from idols! I am living and strong! I look after you and care for you. I am like an evergreen tree, yielding my fruit to you throughout the year. My mercies never fail.” Hosea 14:8 TLB


Though this year looks different than we might have expected, God is still with us. We hope you are encouraged by today’s discussion.

warm up with hope

Being Wise in The Winter Season

Where to start? Ultimately, turning to the Bible in times where you are feeling dark and cold is the quickest way into the Light.

Here’s three ways to warm your soul in the dead of winter:

  1. gain understanding
  2. open your heart to listen
  3. walk with God out of the darkness and into the light

Whoever is wise, let him understand these things. Whoever is intelligent, let him listen. For the paths of the Lord are true and right, and good men walk along them. But sinners trying them will fail. Hosea 14:9 TLB


winter warmth

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