Perfection is unattainable, but we can know peace.

Former supermodel, Kim Alexis joins us for a conversation about perfect peace. Where you can find it and how to keep it. Join hosts, Amy Elaine Martinez and LaTan Roland Murphy for more organic conversation that helps you Go Courageously & Live Victoriously.

perfect peace with Kim Alexis



Growing up in a world that expects perfection, Kim Alexis shares with us the beauty of the threads of purpose and peace that followed her through life. By choosing God’s peace over perfection, she discovered her true purpose. No matter where life takes us, we can carry peace with us. In the end, the beauty of sharing what we have with others is what matters most.

Perfection Quote Amy Elaine Martinez

Perfection will elude us, but we can know the beauty of perfect peace in Christ. ~Amy Elaine Martinez


Beyond skin-deep beauty, Kim possesses an inner beauty that is bone deep! Listen in as we talk about how our purpose and peace intertwine to make a beautiful quilt. Like the wrap-around presence of God, He is in the intricate details of our lives.

Beauty is skin deep, ugly is to the bone. When beauty fades away — ugly lingers on… ~Nadine Roland  (LaTan’s Mama)

Bone Deep Perfection

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