A parade just for you. This is God’ specialty. Without a doubt, He is singing over you while tossing confetti into the air. It’s The Grace Parade, a beautiful picture of what God does in our lives. We can’t wait to share this week’s episode with you.

grace parade Janell Rardon

On today’s show, we have special guest, Janell Rardon joining us. Janell shares a beautiful story of moving beyond the sting of shame into the life God had designed for her. Her new book, Stronger Every Day: 9 Tools for an Emotionally Healthy You is a must read. Listen in and find out why.

Stronger Every Day Book

The Power of Sharing Our Stories- discusses how to speak healing words to your future. Janell share how we can move through lives with positive assertiveness. (Pg 138- Tool 5, Stronger Every Day: 9 Tools for an Emotionally Healthy You by Janell Rardon)
Indeed, there is freedom waiting for us on the other side of sharing our stories.

She is clothes in strength and dignity. Psalm 31:25


“Regret is a short, evocative and achingly beautiful word: an elegy to lost possibilities …To admit regret is to understand that we are fallible – that there are powers beyond us… fully experienced, it turns our eyes, attentive and alert, to a future possibly lived better than our past.” ~ David Whyte, poet

grace parade regret can be beautiful

God turns our walk of shame turned into a walk of grace.

In the end, there will be no smell of fire on you. (Daniel 3:36-37) When we turn our lives over to God, there comes a point where we are so removed from our past and our sin that others won’t believe who we were. Now, they can only see WHO WE WERE MEANT TO BE IN CHRIST.

PIVOTAL POINT IN BOOK- discusses the Game of Thrones
Season 5 Finale- If you’ve experienced shame, it will ring a bell for you. While the LIAR calls, “shame, shame, shame….” Jesus’ voice affirms your true identity in Christ, This is a powerful scene and you won’t want to miss Janell’s insight.

Unfortunately, we all have a shame attendant. We like to call him, LIAR, because that’s exactly what he’s does. Our enemy is hellbent on lying to us. Yet, Jesus wants to speak Truth over us because that is Who He is. The Way, The Truth, The Life!


grace parade

Now, God walks behind us and before us saying, “GRACE, GRACE!”

We can be stronger every day because of He who is in us. (1 John 4:4)

Look for this Affirmation in the book: Shame Shake Off

Father, you are a God who sends a parade of grace before us. Thank you for making us stronger every day! Amen.

A Jesus encounter changes everything. – page 142, Stronger Every Day by Janell Rardon

We are all on a journey.

Healing doesn’t happen in isolation. ~Janell Rardon

Ultimately, we need to be with one another and encourage one another.

Janell is a Life Coach, Author, and Therapist. She lives in VA with her husband. Her website is a wealth of information. Honestly, we can’t encourage you enough to go check it out. (You are welcome 😉 )

Connect with Janell:

Book Recommendation from Janell:
The Soul of Shame by Dr. Curt Thompson

Yes, listeners…You are stronger than you know! We love meeting you right here each week! Go courageously & Live victoriously!
Your hosts,
Amy Elaine & LaTan

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