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Real Victory Radio Show

with amy elaine

Amy Elaine shares how to get REAL: Ready & Equipped for an Authentic Life of Victory! With special guests, author interviews, and Biblical teaching, you'll be encouraged to be strong and courageous.

Many of us bear the scars of a broken life, but long to find wholeness again. On Real Victory Radio, you'll hear how Jesus can help you pick up the pieces of your shattered life- just like He did for me - and how His transforming power can lead you to live in REAL VICTORY every day.

The Real Victory is won behind the scenes in prayer. - Amy Elaine
The Grace Frontier with Amy Elaine
Looking for the Most Recent Podcast?

Listen to The Grace Frontier with Amy Elaine Martinez

We're excited to launch our brand new podcast, The Grace Frontier with Amy Elaine Martinez. Grace paves the way. Victory is your destiny. Each week Amy Elaine will be introducing a Defining Moment to help take the next step as you better understand your calling.

Grace upon grace is found as we journey with Jesus on The Grace Frontier. Saddle up your horses, it's gonna be a wild ride; a great adventure awaits you.