The Unveiling: Seeing the Unseen on The Kingdom Calendar

The Unveiling: Seeing the Unseen on the Kingdom Calendar ~ Oklahoma Baptist University 2018 Women of Vision Annual Luncheon Keynote


Thankfully, I’m not who I was. God is so good. He redeemed this girl’s life in unspeakable ways. The enemy can’t stand to see me walking in my full, God-given destiny in the Kingdom. For the record, he hates that for you too. He’d rather our calling continue to be hidden from us, remaining unseen. He doesn’t want us to experience the unveiling.

This message was written on the Kingdom Calendar before even one of my days had come to pass.

Even in my ugliest, most rebellious days at OBU (1987-1991), God was up to something. He was unveiling my true identity, only I didn’t know it yet. It would be years before I’d say yes to my invitation from the King. The enemy would come for my marriage (both of them in the same ugly way), for my ministry, and for this very day on the Kingdom Calendar.

All the action happens in the Unseen. There’s been so much warfare; the enemy has tried to steal my joy, kill my testimony, and destroy my destiny. But, God. He’s so good! He shows up in the most unexpected ways and extends His grace, mercy, and acceptance in our time of need. I know He will for you too.

There’s a special place we get to see through God’s eyes, where He’s unveiling His agenda.


This message is a full-circle redemption of all the enemy tried so hard to sideline, wreck, and stop from happening. Again, but God! He calls this girl faithful now. I hope you’ll be encouraged in the things you cannot see while you wait for your own unveiling.

Now, listen in as Amy Elaine shares part of her testimony in this powerful, Kingdom Calendar, now is the time message.

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