Unmasked EP 125 Part 1 – RVR Amy Elaine and LaTan

Unmasked at Last

Are you ready for this? We sure are. While we can’t escape being told to wear a mask for pandemic reasons, we decided it was high-time to get UNMASKED on the show today. Authenticity is a core value in our lives; it’s vital to our ministries and personal lives too.

In this episode, LaTan and I are asking the Victory Question to each other. Our answers uncovered some great conversation points. The overflow of what God is doing  in our lives spills into the lives of those we come in contact with; it’s pleasantly contagious.

Public Opinion Matters

Do you want to keep wearing a mask on or take the risk to be unmasked?

Ultimately, what God thinks about us is more important than the opinion of others. Although embarrassing, our mistakes and bumbles make us more endearing. The very act of being vulnerable is what sets us apart and sets us up to share our stories. And our testimonies are the very thing that makes Christ known. I know it can be daunting, but being authentic creates an atmosphere for change. No one gets it right all the time, however owning our “stuff” results in being fully unmasked. In the end, when we get unmasked, we look more like Jesus.

“Transparency allows us to go out and be the best version of His heart possible.” ~LaTan Murphy

Where to start? The Victory Question

Where in your life have you experienced or are you currently experiencing the most victory?


unmasked at last

“The aim of art is to represent not the
outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Aristotle

No more masquerading; it’s time to let God expose us and restore what’s good and right. In the end, learning to laugh a little at ourselves demolishes any strongholds the opinion of others has on us. This helps those around us to take off their masks too.

Here we go!

This week we’re talking about taking off our masks and daring to be authentic! Remarkably, great things happen when we are brave enough to be UNMASKED in our lives!

Get to know your co-hosts Amy Elaine and Latan Roland Murphy
a little better this weekend in this SPECIAL EDITION of RVR!


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